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Home Online Degrees Associate's Degree. Online Associate's Degrees from Accredited Colleges AA AAS AS. An Associate's degree is an undergraduate degree that is sometimes referred to as a two-year degree In actuality the amount of time needed to earn an Associate's degree can vary depending on the course of study undertaken however in general they are achieved with approximately two years of study. Many accredited schools offer online Associate's degree programs for students who wish to take advantage of distance learning. In fact over half of all degrees earned online are Associate's degrees.
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By pursuing an Associates degree program you will help yourself reach new personal and professional heights that can help you succeed in life. Earn your Associates degree online. Ashford University offers an online Associates degree program which allows you to earn your degree on your schedule without interfering with your work location or family commitments. Credits earned as part of your Associates degree can be transferred towards a Bachelors degree if you choose to continue your education online. Find the Associates degree thats right for you.
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Most associate's degrees are awarded in business health engineering information technology or early childhood education and may include an Associate of the Arts degree Associate of Science degree or an Associate of Applied Science degree. The recipient of an associate's degree can then transfer the credits toward a four year bachelor's degree program. Use associate's degree in a sentence. I was glad that I worked hard and finally attained my associate's degree because it meant I could get a really good job now. 22 people found this helpful. The applicant had earned an associate's degree in computer science so we knew he had some understanding of our current systems. 20 people found this helpful.
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What is your highest level of education completed? Some college 1-19 Semester Credits. Some college 20 or more Semester Credits. Still in high school. 8 Baker University School Info. Must be 21 years of age or older. Must have high school diploma or GED. Associate of Arts in Business. Online Associate of Arts in Business. Get Started with Baker University. Completed High School Diploma or GED. Completed 0-23 1 year of College. Completed 24-47 2 years of College.
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Kick start your college career with an associate degree. Take the first step in your college career with a degree from University of Phoenix. An associate degree provides you with a solid foundation to help you meet your educational and professional goals. Fortunately getting that degree doesnt have to be inconvenient. With University of Phoenix you can get an online associate degree or attend class on-campus whatever works for you. Our students benefit from a wealth of learning resources an experienced faculty and a vibrant community of fellow students. Learn new skills explore different career paths and expand your knowledge base online or on-campus with our flexible degree and certificate programs.
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However very few courses yet use the new title. In the Netherlands there were four pilots between 2005 and 2011 to assess the added value of the associate degree. 3 In 2011 the associate degree has been added to the Dutch system of higher education as a means to close the gap with the vocational education system. In the United States associate degrees are usually earned in two years or more and can be attained at community colleges technical colleges vocational schools and some colleges.
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An associates degree is a two-year post-secondary degree. Students who pursue this kind of degree full-time can complete a program in as little as two years though many choose to go at their own pace. An associate degree translates into the first two years of a bachelors degree freshman and sophomore years. Associates degrees have been popular for the last twenty years. Increasingly people are turning to associate's as a quicker less expensive route to career change than the traditional bachelors or four-year degree.
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It typically takes two years full-time to complete an associates degree. For some students an associates degree provides preparation for a bachelors degree while for others its a qualification in its own right helping to improve employment prospects compared to only having completed a secondary-level education. Whats the difference between a bachelors degree and an associates degree? Both bachelors degrees and associates degrees are categorized as undergraduate degrees. This means they are both open to students as soon as they complete secondary level education. In contrast postgraduate degrees such as masters or PhD programs require students to have already completed a bachelors-level program.
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Want to find out how much you can earn with a two-year degree? PayScale has the top associate degree majors ranked by salary potential. Once again PayScale's 2015-2016 College Salary Report features data about the earning potential of 2-year associate degrees. If you are considering going back to school to earn an AA choosing the right major will have a huge impact on your future salary. The list above can help you find the best associate degrees by salary potential. The Highest-Paying Associate Degree. An associate degree is a great way to kick off a high-paying career especially in the Technology and Engineer fields.
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Military Veterans and Military Dependents. Corporate Programs and Group Enrollments. Newsroom and Media Contacts. International and Global Students. Home Degrees and Certificates Online Undergraduate Programs Associate Degree. Request Info Apply Now Call Us. Penn State World Campus offers several associates degrees online that can prepare you for a new career path or for further education. Whether your goals are personally or professionally motivated a Penn State online associate degree will put them within reach. Associate degrees can even be used as a gateway into bachelor degrees offered online through Penn State World Campus or at another institution. Review the list to see the associates degrees currently offered. Human Development and Family Studies.

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